The P Process is a step-by-step guide for designing an SBCC program.

Why Check for Quality?

Quality assurance (QA) is essential when implementing social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs. Routine QA can prevent problems from occurring, detect problems that do occur and lead to consistently, high-impact SBCC programs.

How does SBCC Check-In help?

SBCC Check-In is a performance improvement tool and tracker designed specifically for the strategic communication process. It provides performance standards that quality improvement teams and committees can use for routine QA and SBCC improvement action planning.

A system of processes are suggested to improve SBCC quality:

  • Appoint an SBCC improvement committee to periodically investigate and improve quality.

  • Use SBCC Check-In throughout planning, implementation and evaluation phases of strategic communication. Complete an SBCC Check-In at baseline and after executing each quality improvement plan. SBCC Check-Ins are also useful when SBCC programs do not produce desired results.

  • Limiting SBCC Check-Ins to specific components of an SBCC program (such as one family planning campaign) can be more useful than Check-Ins combining two or more communication programs.

  • Each SBCC Check-In takes about 30 minutes. Users will be able to see areas of strength, see areas for improvement and set goals for quality improvement plans.

You can use the online version here or download the print version.