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HC3 has analyzed and collected a number of national malaria communication strategies linked to in the map above. A number of countries are updating their malaria communication strategies as they prepare concept notes for the Global Fund.

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP ) has a long history of helping develop national malaria strategies. This How To guide was produced to help illustrate the process of developing health communication strategies.

HC3 Implementation Kits (I-Kits)

SBCC for Malaria in Pregnancy: Strategy Development Guidance I-Kit

This Implementation Kit (I-Kit) was developed to help social and behavior change communication (SBCC) and malaria in pregnancy (MiP) program managers and stakeholders address identified gaps and improve SBCC strategies and interventions for MiP, especially those interventions that target healthcare workers.

Promoting Quality Malaria Medicines through SBCC I-Kit

This Implementation Kit (I-Kit) provides national and local stakeholders, as well as program managers, with key considerations and a roadmap for designing and implementing a country-specific social and behavior change communication (SBCC) campaign that protects the public from poor quality malaria medicines and responds to the threat of substandard, spurious, falsified, falsely-labeled and counterfeit – […]

This how-to guide was developed to support professionals from National Malaria Control Programs (NMCPs), health promotion units, technical working groups, and implementing partners to monitor and evaluate SBCC activities that support case management. This guide will take the reader through five steps in developing and executing a plan for monitoring and evaluating SBCC components of malaria case management interventions, and then provide three examples based on actual SBCC programs.