Sawa Sawa: A Community Dialogue Manual to Reduce Stigma

The goal of this manual is to reduce community level stigma and in doing so improve HIV testing, treatment initiation and adherence outcomes among men in particular.

HC3 in Action: Enhancing Family Planning Service Delivery through SBC

This brief describes key examples, challenges and insights from family planning service delivery initiatives across the HC3 project.

HC3 in Action: Strengthening the SBCC System

This technical brief describes the components of an effective Social and Behavior Change Communication system and then provides spotlights on HC3’s work in five countries to illustrate these components in action.

Guide to Designing Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs for Youth in Egypt

This guide is derived from the Urban Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive…

Social and Behavior Change Communication and Reproductive Empowerment Mapping: Brief on Key Findings

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) conducted a literature scan to explore the strengths and gaps of social and behavior change communication (SBCC) in reproductive health interventions for reproductive empowerment (RE).

Family Planning Evidence Review Infographics

This series of infographics accompanies the Family Planning Evidence…

Integrated SBCC Programs: Key Challenges and Promising Strategies

The Integrated SBCC Programs: Key Challenges and Promising Strategies…

HC3 in Action: Supporting Youth Health with SBCC

This brief, part of the “HC3 in Action” series, describes key examples, challenges and insights from initiatives across the HC3 project that improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes for youth and adolescents.

A Study in User-Centered Communication and Family Planning Decision-Making in Nepal

These case studies from Nepal detail conversations that took…

Consolidating the Evidence: Increasing Family Planning Uptake through Social and Behavior Change

This September 6, 2017 webinar, hosted by the Health Communication…

Strengthening Malaria SBCC through Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

This August 29, 2017 webinar held by the Health Communication…