Celebrating the Seeds of Change in Guatemala

Recording The Spark of Change (La Chispa del Cambio) radio drama.

Juntos Prosperamos. Nos atrevemos. Avanzamos (Together we prosper. We dare. We advance.) was the focus of the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative’s (HC3) Guatemala end-of-project celebration. Guests included Bret Campbell, Acting Deputy Director USAID/Guatemala, Vikki Stein, Director, Office of Health and Education USAID/Guatemala, Wende Duflon, Director of Communication for Development USAID/Guatemala, key implementing partners and most importantly community stakeholders from the western highlands who shared their perspectives and feelings in being invited to be protagonist to improve their community health outcomes.

Amalia Mejia

Amalia Mejia shares her story accompanied by the other Seeds of Change (Semillas de Cambio) who told their stories at the event.

Amalia Mejia, one of eleven people whose lives were portrayed in a serial documentary and radio drama produced under the project titled, “Seeds of Change” was in attendance. Mejia, an educator with SEGAMIL said, “I had never dreamed that I’d be asked to share my story… I’m so thrilled and thankful that my life can inspire change in others.” 

According to Patricia Poppe, HC3 Guatemala Chief of Party, “Hearing the voices of change from the grassroots level was deeply moving to the audience and symbolized the change that Guatemalans are embracing in improving the health of their families.” 

Juntos Prosperamos was led by HC3 country team members that included Karin Estrada, Miguel Brito and USAID implementing partners.

Miguel Brito highlights the research studies and the social behavior change tools developed.

Diego Velasco, Radio Ixil Director, highlights the key role played by the radio in promoting HC3 project activities in the field.



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