Entries by Michelle Kaufman, PhD | HC3 Research and Evaluation Officer

Behavior Change Communication Highlights from the AIDS Impact Conference

The 11th International AIDS Impact Conference – held in Barcelona, Spain, in early October in partnership with SEISIDA (Sociedad Española Interdiscipliaria del SIDA) – brought together professionals and NGO representatives from different areas and disciplines related to HIV infection. What is particularly nice about this conference is that there is a large focus on HIV prevention, […]

Reviewing the Evidence on Child Survival SBCC Programs

In January 2013, 27 experts and practitioners in social and behavioral change communication (SBCC) met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the Population-Level Social and Behavior Change Evidence Review for Child Survival in Africa. The technical objective for this meeting hosted by UNICEF and USAID was to collect specific evidence-based impacts of health and social behavior change interventions […]