Radio-based Game Show Promotes Couple Communication and Connectedness

What if you had more than five or even seven health campaigns to communicate all at the same time? And what if their success hinged on the effectiveness of communication between couples? JHU-CCP’s Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project found its solution in “Aiisseee!”—a radio-based game show that tests partners’ knowledge of each other.

Aiisseee! (“I Say!”)It’s a 30-minute program hosted by Tanzania’s top male and female radio personalities. Three couples—engaged, married or dating—participate in the question and answer format. Two of the 10 questions asked are health-related. And the winners? They receive a romantic getaway.

Season One is being rebroadcast on regional radio stations in Tanzania and Season Two starts Sunday, August 17. Aiisseee! has become so popular that a television component is also in the works.

Aiisseee! on YouTube

Aiisseee! took the mic to different cities for person on the street interviews:

Learn more about Aiisseee! on:



JHU-CCP website:

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