Adapting the Demand Generation Implementation Kit: Tanzania Increases Access to Family Planning Services and Emergency Contraceptives among Young Women Enrolled in Institutes of Higher Learning and Vocational Training

Recent studies in mainland Tanzania show a high rate of premarital sexual intercourse, unintended pregnancies and illegal abortions among female university students. Another study found 70 percent of university students had experienced sexual
intercourse, of which 41.5 percent used contraceptives and 15.8 percent experienced pregnancy. Of those who had experienced pregnancy, 27 percent said it was an unwanted pregnancy and more than half had had an induced abortion.

In response to these findings, the Tanzania Marketing and Communications Company Limited, now known as T-MARC Tanzania, designed a project aimed at increasing access to family planning products, including female condoms, contraceptive implants and emergency contraception. This case study outlines that demand generation project.

Read the case study.

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