Adapting the Demand Generation Implementation Kit: Development of an Android Mobile Application for Adolescents and Youth on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Nepal

Nepal is at the cross roads of a social transformation. Previously held social norms of being sexually active only after marriage is not adhered to by young people. Adolescents and youth are by nature curious about sexual issues and today it is easier than ever before to access sexual content from electronic media and the internet, including social media. However, young people may not have many opportunities to receive correct and credible answers to their questions regarding sexual and reproductive health practices. Moreover, given the socio-cultural context of Nepalese society, youth are discouraged from openly talking about or asking questions about the problems they face as adolescents. To ensure these youth are able to access credible and correct information in order to make healthy decisions, Public Health Concern Trust-NEPAL (phect-NEPAL) decided to build upon the growing trend of young people receiving information more independently through smart phones and other devices, with a greater trust in social media and other digital media channels. The program strategy was to develop an Android-based mobile application (app) that would inform youth about reproductive and sexual health.

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