Adapting the Demand Generation Implementation Kit: Using the Demand Generation I-Kit to Reduce Child Mortality in the Mitsinjo District of Madagascar

Diarrhea is a persistent problem in the Mitsinjo District of Boeny, a northwestern region of Madagascar, because residents use contaminated drinking water from local rivers and lakes. In recent studies, diarrhea was found to be the second highest cause of mortality in Malagasy children under five, with less than half of all children suffering from diarrhea receiving appropriate health services. In response to these findings, Action pour la Justice et le Progrès des Populations (AJPP) reinforced its efforts to improve maternal and child health by promoting oral rehydration salts (ORS) and zinc.

This case study outlines the demand generation project implemented by AJPP in Madagascar to improve maternal and child health by promoting ORS and zinc. This pilot project was implemented in five communes in the Mitsinjo District.

Read the case study.

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