Qualitative Research on Advanced Maternal Age and High Parity Pregnancies in West Africa

Microsoft Word - HTSP Report USAID APPROVED_81516

Early, frequent and late pregnancies pose significant dangers to maternal, neonatal and child health, especially in countries where women have limited access to quality healthcare services. Pregnancies among women of advanced maternal age (AMA, 35 years or older) or among women of high parity (HP, having had five or more births) are linked to maternal and infant mortality.

To better understand the context in which AMA and HP pregnancies occur, HC3 conducted qualitative research on the perception and determinants of such pregnancies in two USAID family planning priority countries: Togo and Niger.  This qualitative research focused on the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and contributing factors around AMA and HP pregnancies, as well as barriers and facilitators to AMA and HP women’s modern family planning (FP) method use.


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Further reading: Research Briefs on AMA and HP Pregnancy in Togo and Niger | En Français

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