Webinar: Men as More than Partners: Increasing Men’s Use of Sexual and Reproductive Health Products and Services through SBCC

This June 21, 2017 webinar featured presentations on social and behavior change communication (SBCC) interventions designed to successfully increase men’s demand for and use of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) products and services. Presentation topics included vasectomy research and programming in low-resource settings; innovative approaches to generating demand for voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC); insights and impact on men as family planning clients; and a helpful new guide intended to help program managers promoting SRH products and services for men.

Presentations and a recording of the webinar are available below.

Moderated by: Joan Kraft, Gender Advisor, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, USAID

Presenters included:

Dominick Shattuck, PhD, Senior Research Officer, Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University [Presentation: Vasectomy Programming in Low-Resource Settings]

Dr. Albert Machinda, Project Director of the Gates VMMC program, Society for Family Health Zambia/Population Services International [Presentation: Innovative Demand Creation for VMMC in Zambia]

Lynn Van Lith, Technical Director for HIV, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs [Presentation: Promoting Family Planning with Men: Insights and Impact Based on Client Perspectives]

Heather Chotvacs, Technical Advisor, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Population Services International [Presentation: Increasing Men’s Demand for and Use of Sexual and Reproductive Health Products and Services]



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