HC3 trained a campaign working group – comprised of MOHP officials, academics, media and civil society – on foundational skills in social and behavior change communication.

HC3 worked with Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) to strengthen the capacity of country-based partners in strategic health communication. The main beneficiary of this initiative was the Central Administration for Health and Population Communication (CAHPC) within the MOHP, its sub-departments and various counterparts in the 27 governorates and associated districts.

The project was based on a learning-by-doing approach. It featured formal trainings and hands-on practical experience in conducting analyses, as well as designing and implementing multimedia communication campaigns. HC3 provided in-service training for more than 600 health educators, designed a two-year pre-service curriculum for health educators and designed an updated monitoring and reporting system to be used by the CAHPC/MOHP to better track health education and communication activities.

Additionally, HC3 supported the MOHP to establish several public-private partnerships that benefited project activities. For example, a local IT and networking learning company provided technical assistance to design a basic computer course under the health educator pre-service program. The firm also provided a training-of-training for classroom instructors.