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Healthy Life Campaign Materials (Liberia)

While the Healthy Life logo has existed since 2010, HC3 supported Liberia’s Ministry of Health to breathe new life into it by re-launching and branding it as a symbol of trust, hope, happiness and well-being. The Healthy Life logo, used on all MOH materials represents partnership between community & health care providers, access to health information & services and building healthy families. The first campaign under the revitalized brand focused …


Ebola Risk Communication Project in Liberia: Lessons in Crisis Communication

This report, produced by the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health to document its work on HC3’s Ebola Risk Communication project in Liberia, details the project’s goals of understanding and documenting Ebola-related communication efforts in the country to better inform communication approaches to future crises. This resulted in the development of a codebook that was then applied in order to further analyze the mes…


National Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey on Ebola Virus Disease in Liberia

The knowledge, attitudes and practices survey (KAP II) was a cross‐sectional survey conducted as part of the HC3 Liberia project (2015-2017) in 10 counties in Liberia. The overall purpose of the KAP II survey was to assess changes related to Ebola virus disease (Ebola) since the conclusion of the KAP I survey in March 2015, including the ways in which the Ebola response influenced engagement in preventive behaviors and perceptions of health-care …