Urban Youth & SBCC

Influencing the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Urban Youth through Social and Behavior Change Communication

urban youth literature reviewIncreasingly, the world’s youth are growing up in, or moving to, urban environments. Cities and urban settings present youth with unique challenges and opportunities to pursuing a healthy and fulfilling life. While urban areas often have more infrastructure, schools, jobs and services than do rural environments, not all youth have access to these assets. Consequently, health behaviors and outcomes are affected.

In 2013, HC3 conducted a literature review and program scan of urban adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) behavioral drivers and factors, and programs addressing urban AYSRH through social and behavior change communication (SBCC).

Read an executive summary of the full literature review.

The review, posted here in its full length and in a brief summary format, highlights promising program practices, synthesizes lessons learned and offers insight into the elements that may yield more positive results for SRH behavior change among urban youth. The report’s findings are discussed from a social and ecological perspective at individual, family and peer network, community, and societal levels.

Urban Youth Literature Review

Urban Youth Literature Review Executive Summary

Urban Youth Literature Review Executive Summary (French)

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