Webinar on Capacity Strengthening Evaluation: What Role Can Outcome Harvesting Play?

This March 30, 2017 webinar featured an expert panel that discussed the challenges of evaluating capacity strengthening, what makes the outcome harvesting methodology unique and how outcome harvesting addresses some of the challenges of capacity strengthening evaluation. In 2013, USAID named outcome harvesting as one of several innovative complexity-aware monitoring methods. The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) has used outcome harvesting to evaluate capacity strengthening programs for improved social and behavior change communication.

The webinar was moderated by:

Jessica Pomerantz, MPA, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Office of Learning Evaluation and Research, USAID

Presenters included:

Anne LaFond, MSc, Director of the Center for Health Information, Monitoring and Evaluation, John Snow, Inc. [Presentation: Evaluating Capacity Strengthening: Key Challenges]

Heather Britt, MA, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Expanding Monitoring and Evaluation Capacities (MECap) Task Order, Social Solutions International, Inc. [Presentation: Outcome Harvesting Essentials]

Grace Awantang, MA, MHS, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Health Communication Capacity Collaborative [Presentation: HC3 Pilot: Harvesting Capacity Outcomes]

Watch the webinar recording.

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