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Health COMpass Spotlight: Inside the Development of an Award-winning Entertainment Education Series

The latest Health COMpass Spotlight offers a step by step look at the development of the award-winning TV series Intersexions in South Africa. Combine a cast of highly talented and dedicated young performers, a plot line that rivals the steamiest soap operas, and underlying subtle messages about sexual behavior, and the result is a multi-award winning […]

Health COMpass “Spotlights” Evolution of an SBCC Program

Health communication professionals are always anxious to learn from each other. New approaches, new media, new strategies, unique ways of dealing with obstacles – we are always fascinated by what our colleagues are doing. Whether we have been running social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs for 30 years, or are just out of school […]

Experts in Health Communication Share their Favorite Resources on HC3’s Health COMpass

A while ago, I was editing a series of books.  Nothing too complicated, but I had to follow the established rules for editing.  I bookmarked a bibliography/editing website and went there every single day, more than once, and got to love the site. I still use it when I’m writing. Lately, for the Health COMpass, […]

New Focus Package on Health COMpass Specific to Counseling Resources

The Health COMpass’ latest Focus Package is a collection of curated resources related to counseling between a service provider and a health care client. Counseling, as it relates to health, is the interpersonal exchange between a service provider and a client. At its essence, it is a dialog about a health issue. Typically the aim […]

New Focus Package on Information and Communication Technology and SBCC

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been a transformational vehicle for facilitating the exchange of health information and promoting health behavior change. Digital health communication tools enhance existing communication channels by reaching individuals in more effective and targeted ways. Understanding how to use digital communication technology for public health interventions is complex and nuanced. Continuously […]

LARCs: A Great Choice for Young and Postpartum Women

Long-acting reversible contraceptive methods (LARCs) include intrauterine devices (IUDs), contraceptive implants, and contraceptive injectables. Numerous successful public health programs, communicating the effectiveness and desirability of LARCs for young and postpartum women, have produced exciting and innovative SBCC materials and approaches. The latest Focus Package from the Health COMpass provides a sampling of tools and examples […]

Reaching Urban Youth with SBCC Tools and Resources

Urban areas offer exciting and crucial opportunities, such as access to media, new technologies and high population-density.  It’s no wonder young people around the world flock to nearby metropolises each year. But with a large influx of youth to such bustling communities comes a higher vulnerability to health challenges. When it comes to sexual and […]

The P Process Gets a Makeover

The NEW P Process is Available Now on the Health COMpass When a tool has been in steady use for over thirty years and still in high demand, that’s a pretty good sign that it’s practical, easy-to-use and proven effective time and again. The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) has updated the P Process, the highly respected tool originally […]

Health COMpass Offers New Faith-Based SBCC Package

The Health COMpass’s second Focus Package is now available, offering some outstanding examples of health communication tools and project materials that can be used with faith leaders and communities. We recognize that most of the communities we work with in the world follow a faith tradition or traditions. While all of the Health COMpass resources are adaptable to any […]