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Experts in Health Communication Share their Favorite Resources on HC3’s Health COMpass

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A while ago, I was editing a series of books.  Nothing too complicated, but I had to follow the established rules for editing.  I bookmarked a bibliography/editing website and went there every single day, more than once, and got to love the site. I still use it when I’m writing.

Lately, for the Health COMpass, I’ve had to re-learn HTML code.  I found a site which makes it easy for me, and I have recommended it to many colleagues.

What happens with a favorite resource is that you come to truly depend on it – and that says a lot about the resource.  It means it is a book, site, or article which is clear, which speaks to you, and is a gold standard for your work.  When I had to switch computers once, the first thing I did was copy my old bookmarks – I felt lost without my two favorites.

In Social and  Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) work, most of us have the same experience.  Sometimes it’s an old favorite, like the “P-Process” and sometimes it’s a brand new site that you’ve discovered and can’t wait to share. This is all part of the ever-important area of Knowledge Management – if you find something that’s great, share it.

Thinking along those lines, the Health COMpass team asked a group of staff and partner colleagues to recommend their own favorites – resources which they can’t live without – and share it with all of us.

Enjoy this rather unique Focus Package, and better yet, send us your favorite resource so that we can add it to the Health COMpass and share your experience with SBCC professionals everywhere.

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