New Focus Package on Information and Communication Technology and SBCC

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been a transformational vehicle for facilitating the exchange of health information and promoting health behavior change. Digital health communication tools enhance existing communication channels by reaching individuals in more effective and targeted ways.

Understanding how to use digital communication technology for public health interventions is complex and nuanced. Continuously emerging research, data synthesis, and publicly shared tools are increasing our ability to effectively implement ICT solutions in facilitating health communication for social and behavior change.

A new Focus Package released on the HealthCOMpass, ICT in Social and Behavior Change Communication, provides an introduction to ICTs within health communication and provides valuable resources to understand how to build an ICT intervention as well as links to current case examples.

The Focus Package includes a set of tools to assist health communication practitioners in fully utilizing digital communication, as well as challenging them to consider environmental and user-focused elements in designing and building an intervention.  It includes free content resources that practitioners can in turn use in their intervention including messages, images, and video and links to robust existing project registries of other ICT interventions around the globe.  These registries allow users to view and filter information on innovative projects and their corresponding contacts.

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