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The New Frontiers of Social Marketing: A Discussion by Dr. Craig Lefebvre

Social networking has changed the way individuals interact with and relate to each other. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even MySpace, we are now able to reconnect with lost acquaintances and meet new ones via shared interests, all while sitting on our couch. Say what you will about impacts on face-to-face interactions; networking over […]

Innovation Webinar #3 – Gaming

Join us December 3 at 11 AM EDT for our third Health Communication Innovation Webinar. This installment will focus on gaming and will be moderated by Dr. Mike Christel, Teaching Professor at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Presentations and demos will give the audience foundational insight into the theories behind gaming and […]

Technology for Change: A Collaborative Effort

If you examine any single health intervention, more often than not, there are multiple actors in play. Even if the intervention seems straightforward, there will inevitably be the need for a variety of sectors to become involved. With that in mind, public health has evolved in the past decade to include new collaborative business models […]

Using Health Communication Frameworks in ICT Interventions to Guide RMNCH Demand

Connecting Theory to ICTs and New Media Using ICTs and new media to carry out health and behavior change communication interventions has undoubtedly gotten more ubiquitous in the past decade. The prevalence of mobile phones and other technologies makes ICTs and new media a reliable and efficient modality to reach large populations. But as these […]

Innovative Research Methodologies in Health Communication

As time goes on, new technologies and innovative modalities have become more integral to health communication activities. And with that comes a change in the traditional manner that public health and other development sector organizations create, implement and evaluate interventions. If data can now be collected in lightning speed and messages can be disseminated to […]

HC3 Innovation Webinar 2: Research Methodologies

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Second Health Communication Innovation Webinar on Research Methodologies. Our panelists, Dr. John Parrish Sprowl, Alexandra Bornkessel, and Dr. Maria Elena Figueroa, did a great job of discussing various techniques for researching effective health communication interventions. If you were unable to participate the presentations are all available here […]

Health Communication Innovation Webinar 2: Research Methodologies

Join us September 10 at 11 AM EDT for our second Health Communication Innovation Webinar. This installment will highlight innovative research methodologies and be moderated by Dr. Garrett Mehl, Scientist with the World Health Organization (WHO) Reproductive Health and Research Department. Presentations and interactive discussion will give insight into the design, development and evaluation of […]

The Importance of Social Networks in Healthcare

As I type this post, I have my Facebook page open, my Twitter feed rolling, I’m logged into LinkedIn, and my graduate school’s alumni newsletter is in my inbox. These are all considered different social networks, structures of connected individuals, that we take part in several times a day without fully realizing it. But this […]

Family Planning: Reaching New Frontiers Through the Use of Mobiles

Family planning has gone through tremendous evolutions in the past 100 years. It used to be that contraceptives, STDs and all things related to sexual health were not only heavily censored, but often downright omitted in public health studies and practice. But as the rapid increase in population was identified as a public health issue […]

HC3 Launches New Innovation Webinar Series

You are invited to join HC3’s new Health Communication Innovation Webinar series. The first webinar in the series is scheduled for June 11 and will examine the impacts of social networking on effective health communication. Social Networking June 11, 2013 at 11 AM EDT Log in: https://connect.johnshopkins.edu/innovation-webinar-1/ To dial in: From US: 1-888-651-5908 International: 602-333-0021 Participant code: 2231605 Moderated […]