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ICTs for SBCC Programming: Recap of Panel Discussion from International SBCC Summit 2016

At the first International Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, attendees filled a standing room only venue to listen to five panelists speak about their experiences with utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for SBCC programming. The speakers highlighted the importance of choosing the right technology, understanding the life cycle […]

Digital Storytelling Is a Power Tool for SBCC Programs

Digital storytelling is now a widely used method for social and behavior change communication (SBCC) as it has the capacity to fuse personal narratives with important public health messaging, thus creating an effective method of communication. That was one of the main messages in a webinar on approaches to storytelling in public health hosted earlier […]

Integrating SMS Messaging into Your SBCC Campaign

Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) campaigns with a mobile technology component have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years, but not without some pitfalls and several lessons learned. Questions around which platform to use, who will know how to implement these platforms, will the target population know how to use the technology, and quite simply, […]

mHealth Summit Offers Opportunity to Reflect on Online Communities

I had the privilege of attending the sixth annual mHealth Summit – held last week at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center – and participating in several sessions on behalf of the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3). The mHealth Summit brings together technology vendors, non-profit organizations, universities and more each year to consider the […]

Health Communication Innovation Webinar: Social Drama and Health Communication

Join HC3 on September 16 at 11 AM EST for our sixth Health Communication Innovation Webinar. This installment will focus on utilizing social drama for effective health communication. Presentations and demos will provide the audience with foundational insight into social drama techniques and theories and their application to health communication.The webinar will be moderated by John Somers, […]

What Does Evidence for mHealth Mean?

For the past decade, mobile health (mHealth) interventions have become widespread in public health. Mobile devices are seen as inexpensive tools to reach large numbers of people in a matter of seconds. This makes mHealth particularly attractive for social and behavior change communication (SBCC). However, because the complex field of mHealth is still young, more […]

HC3 Innovation Webinar 5: Behavioral Economics

Join HC3 on June 10 at 11 AM EST for our fifth Health Communication Innovation Webinar. This installment will focus on integrating behavioral economics with social and behavior change communication campaigns. Presentations and demos will provide the audience with foundational insight into behavioral economics theories and their application in health communication.The webinar will be moderated by John Strand, Director of […]

New Report Provides Recommendations for Modern Communities of Practice

Technology and online social networks have fundamentally altered the landscape of public health delivery, advocacy and practice. Barriers such as distance and coordination no longer hamper the ability to communicate and share strategies for improving the dissemination of public health knowledge. Simply put: the web offers great potential for collaboration and cooperation among public health […]

Innovation Webinar #4: Youth Campaigns

Join us March 11 at 11 AM EST for our fourth Innovation in Health Communication Webinar. This installment will focus on the design and implementation of health behavior change campaigns targeting youth. Presentations and demos will give the audience foundational insight into the nuances of developing campaigns targeted at youth and examples of innovative campaigns that have […]

Continuing the Conversation on Gaming

We asked our panelists a few follow up questions from our third Health Communication Innovation Webinar on Gaming. Below, the panelists touch on issues such as fluency, systems thinking, and what sector games belong in. Q: From your perspective, what sector do serious games belong in (i.e. should games be looked at as a public good […]

Health Communication Innovation Webinar: Gaming

What if the process for facilitating healthy behavior change was as simple as playing a game? Increasingly, games and gamification techniques are being used to engage individuals and spread awareness of serious subjects. Competition and incentives make playing games fun and rewarding while the subject matter increases knowledge of health issues and can actually help […]