Saving Mother’s Lives: HC3 Pilots I-Kit in Niger and Togo to Address High-Risk Pregnancies

How the Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy Implementation Kit was used in two West African nations: Niger and Togo.

HTSP I-Kit Materials Released for Adaptation and Use

In honor of International Women’s Day 2017 and its theme “Women in the World of Work,” HC3 underlines its belief that women deserve the right to balance their professional and other goals with their desire to have children – and to understand the health benefits and risks that come with delaying pregnancy and childbirth until after adolescence and young adulthood.

Matériaux du Manuel de Mise en Œuvre PEIGS pour Adaptation et Usage

Au nom de la Journée internationale des femmes 2017 et de son thème « les femmes dans le monde du travail, » HC3 souligne sa conviction que les femmes méritent le droit de conjuguer leurs buts professionnels et autres avec leur désir à avoir des enfants – et de comprendre les bénéfices pour la santé ainsi que les risques liés au report de grossesse et de naissance jusqu’après l’adolescence et le début de la vie adulte.

What Couples Want to Know: When Is the Best Time to Become Pregnant?

Healthy babies, healthy moms, healthy families – for couples, these are priorities. The latest Health COMpass Trending Topic offers a wide selection of tools and project examples for SBCC professionals working in the Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies (HTSP).
A high-parity woman in West Africa with her six children

Three New Research Briefs on Advanced Maternal Age and High-Parity Pregnancy

Risk Perception and Communication, Cultural Norms and Gender: HC3 Releases Three Research Briefs on Advanced Maternal Age and High-Parity Pregnancy

Webinar on Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy's Forgotten Audiences: Addressing Advanced Maternal Age and High Parity Pregnancies

This May 25, 2016 webinar highlighted the importance of addressing and preventing the risks of pregnancies among women of advanced maternal age (AMA) and high parity (HP).

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HC3 Shares Reports on HTSP for Advanced Maternal Age and High Parity

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New Report Examines the Drivers of Advanced Maternal Age and High Parity Pregnancies

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