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SBCC Summit: Student Competition Q&A

Prospective applicants to the SBCC Lion’s Den, a Health Communication case competition, were given the opportunity to submit clarifying questions by the deadline outlined in the Call for Proposals. Answers to questions submitted by potential applicants have been posted below. As indicated in the Call for Proposals, questions and responses are shared with all prospective applicants.

As Ebola Epidemic Wanes, Transform Complacency with this Ebola Preparedness I-Kit

It’s a win for Ebola prevention efforts that over 120 people in Liberia were placed under observation due to a resurgent outbreak in the country, even after it was declared Ebola-free. This signals that Liberia’s containment efforts are still strong. But it’s essential to remain vigilant: as the epidemic wanes, public complacency around sustaining behaviors that prevent Ebola transmission could be a barrier to stemming the […]

Ideation’s Role in Behavior Change Explained in Four Languages

It’s pretty common knowledge now that an individual’s behavior has numerous influencers, many social and psychological as well as environmental. But when your objective is to change the discrete behaviors of a whole population—and mind reading and hypnotism are off the table—where do you even begin? Enter “ideation”: an approach to examining how new ways of thinking […]