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Two-way, Not One-way Communication: Why Dialogue Should Be Included in Health Programs

On a hot, dry day in a village in the North of South Sudan, ten Dinka-speaking women are sitting under a tree listening to the radio. A local midwife on the radio is trying to debunk the traditional belief in ruaak. Ruaak dictates that if you become sick while pregnant, it is because you have not confessed […]

The Trouble With Making Women’s Programs All About Health – A Report from the UN Global Forum on Media and Gender

“Welcome to [the program] Let’s listen to women’s voices. In this program, we will be talking to an EPI (Extended Program on Immunization) representative to tell us how they immunize women.” So begins the women’s program on a small South Sudanese community radio station in the North of South Sudan. I listen, and am slightly […]