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Learning Lessons about Ebola from a Continuing Outbreak at the #SBCCSummit

Despite an outpouring of local and international effort and support, new Ebola cases continue to crop up, most recently in Sierra Leone. The international development community must continue to tackle the outbreak using a multi-faceted approach, with a strong emphasis on social and behavior change communication (SBCC). During the height of the outbreak, SBCC interventions […]

After Ebola, Promoting New ‘Gold Star’ Brand to Increase Use of Health Services

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) team in Guinea is working with the communities hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak to rebuild both trust in the health system and the quality of care received. HC3’s approach incorporates evidence-based Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC), capacity-building and quality-improvement interventions. In collaboration with Jhpiego and the Ministry […]

Rebuilding Trust in Health Care through Community Dialogues

Even before the Ebola outbreak, Guinea had some of the worst maternal and child health indicators in the world. Trust and confidence in health services were already low, and the rapid spread of the epidemic further fueled the fear and distrust of these services. After the release of the last Ebola patient in mid-November, Guineans […]