Health COMpass “Spotlights” Evolution of an SBCC Program


Wazazi Nipendeni (Love me, parents) campaign in Tanzania

Health communication professionals are always anxious to learn from each other. New approaches, new media, new strategies, unique ways of dealing with obstacles – we are always fascinated by what our colleagues are doing.

Whether we have been running social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs for 30 years, or are just out of school and tasked with our first strategy design, we all look to the work of our peers to learn “how it’s done.”

As a resource center manager, I have heard SBCC practitioners ask the following questions:

“Can you show me all aspects of a campaign, start to finish?”

“How did they decide on the intended audience?”

“How did they engage the partners?”

“Can you share examples of a monitoring plan?”

“Do you have evaluation survey documentation?”

To answer these questions and more, the Health COMpass is now offering SBCC Spotlights.” Each Spotlight will focus on one program and explain how its managers went from original concept through final evaluation – all in one page. Each is created in tandem with field staff, who submit their information and materials and supervise the creation of the page.

On that one page, you’ll find:

  • Formative research
  • Strategy design
  • Materials development
  • Campaign timeline
  • Campaign materials
  • Pretesting results
  • Implementation plans
  • Evaluation design
  • Campaign results

The very first Spotlight focuses on the Wazazi Nipendeni (Love me, parents) campaign in Tanzania. Wazazi Nipendeni is a fascinating example of a management team changing course. Originally conceived as a prevention of malaria in pregnancy campaign, the initiative expanded  to include several key safe motherhood behaviors after an analysis of the formative research.

Of course, the best part of the Spotlights is that they are written by staff in the field – you’ll see their names and faces on the page, and can feel free to contact them with questions.

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