New Catalog of Social and Behavior Change Communication Tools in English, French and Arabic

Ok, I admit that before I’d seen the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative’s (HC3) catalog, I had no idea just how many tools HC3 had produced! I was familiar with the I-Kits – Developing a Strategy for Demand Creation, for example, and also the one to improve service provider communication – the Provider Behavior Change I-Kit. I also knew the tools developed to promote the use of LARCs (long acting reversible contraceptives) in youth because I’d spoken about them during the Partnership conference in Ouagadougou and Abidjan. But in fact, there are so many tools that I’d be incapable of describing them all!

This catalog is a superb collection of tools which were developed by the HC3 project to make our lives easier. The tools facilitate the standardized development of activities, explore theories that can help us to understand our objectives, and allow us to ensure the quality of our interventions.

The catalog is available in English, French and Arabic.

I encourage you to take two minutes to look through the HC3 resources on the web, and download the catalog for a visual view of the materials for printing. I am sure that those two minutes will become 10 and that you will add a bookmark to the webpage in order to refer back to it. Everything that you will find in the catalog is on the HC3 site or on the Health COMpass, and new resources will be added each month.

After you have discovered this variety and wealth of resources, don’t hesitate to share the catalog with colleagues who will also be pleasantly surprised by these super useful tools. All these resources help us to apply standardized processes to enable quality work, which will result in the advancement of social and behavior change that’s so desperately needed.

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