SBCC Essential When Combating Avian Flu Outbreaks

avian-flu-health-compassAvian influenza, also known as bird flu or avian flu, remains a serious public health threat in many parts of the world. Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) efforts have proven effective in its prevention, control and treatment.

Because they are unpredictable and can evolve to become transmissible among humans, avian flu viruses can trigger a public health emergency at any moment. With an increase in international trade and travel, a serious outbreak can have devastating consequences on local and global economies. Critical to any prevention strategy is a national emergency preparedness plan which includes guidance for an SBCC component.

In the latest installment of Trending Topics, the Health COMpass offers several SBCC tools and interventions that can assist ministries of health and program managers prepare for possible outbreaks. The tools are wide-ranging and support emergency preparedness planning and risk management as well as communication strategies for promoting hygiene and safe preparation and handling of poultry.

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