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Social and Behavior Change Communication in Integrated Health Programs: A Scoping and Rapid Review

The aim of this review is to understand the nature and scope of social and behavior change communication in integrated health programs. This review includes informational interviews with individuals at organizations that are likely to have implemented integrated programs that have a SBCC component as well as a mapping of the existing peer-reviewed and grey literature about SBCC approaches in integrated programs.
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The Role of Health Systems and Policy in Producing Behavior and Social Change to Enhance Child Survival and Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: An Examination of the Evidence

This review provides conclusions and recommendations on the studies of evidence-based behavior change interventions that addressed health systems or policy. The author's recommendations are offered around each topic area (pneumonia/diarrhea, neonatal survival, nutrition, PMTCT, malaria, healthy pregnancies, and immunizations) that is classified by the World Health Organization Health System Building Blocks of health system delivery, health workforce and health financing, leadership and governance.
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Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Implications for the Provision of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision: Results of a Systematic Literature Review

This literature review revealed a general absence of health services in Sub-Saharan Africa that addressed the needs specific to male adolescents, exposing potential knowledge gaps that could negatively influence the population's benefit from voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) programming.

Factors Impacting the Effectiveness of Health Care Worker Behavior Change: A Literature Review

To maximize the impact of SBCC activities among HCWs, program designers and implementers must first develop an awareness of the barriers and facilitators that effect HCWs in providing these services.
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Assessment of Family Planning Use in Bauchi and Sokoto States, Nigeria

The focus of this report is to understand the family planning context in Northern Nigeria through a literature review.

Factors Impacting the Effectiveness of Community Health Worker Behavior Change: A Literature Review

A key step in designing and implementing effective SBCC programs for CHWs is understanding the barriers and facilitators that effect CHWs in providing these services.

Review and Assessment of Malaria Case Management SBCC Strategies in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Senegal and Zambia

This is a desk review that identifies promising SBCC practices related to malaria case management at both community and service provider levels in four focus countries: Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Senegal.

Demand Generation for 13 Life-Saving Commodities: A Synthesis of the Evidence

This report reviews, assesses and synthesizes the current evidence…
Promouvoir la Participation des Familles pour des Grossesses Saines

Engaging Families for Healthy Pregnancies (French)

Promouvoir la Participation des Familles pour des Grossesses…
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Blended Learning for Social and Behavior Change Communication: A Literature Review

Blended learning, or the use of a variety of media and learning…
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Impact of Community-Level Factors on HIV Prevention Outcomes

This review synthesizes diverse work from low- and middle-income…