How to Search The Health COMpass

thehealthcompass_0Let’s imagine Therese, a program officer, who needs to develop a communication strategy. Therese needs help.

  • How does she even begin the process?
  • Who should be involved?
  • What does a good strategy look like?
  • What are the steps she should be taking?

She turns to her computer and goes to The Health COMpass site.

Since the Health COMpass is organized according to the steps in the Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) process, she can start on the home page and walk through the site – “step-by-step” – to locate exactly the type of resources she needs.

She starts with the Guided Search, selects SBCC Tools, Chooses the step of “Design,” and then chooses the sub-step of “Strategy.”  Voila – she is presented with over 100 high quality tools to help her design her strategy.

If she’d gone to Google, she’d have ended up with over 3,000,000 postings to sift through.

If you’re looking for help in handling any aspect of your Social and Behavior Change Communication program – you’re in the right place.

The Health COMpass offers you a carefully chosen collection of the “best of the best” materials – from “how to do it” tools for strategy development to full packages of project materials, each item has been screened to ensure that it was created carefully and has succeeded in the field.

The search process is intuitive and fun – and you learn while you search.

See for yourself – watch our video on “How to Search the Health COMpass.”

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