africa stop ebola video

Multilingual Video Promotes Positive Action to Prevent Ebola

A dozen African musicians, including the Guinean Mory Kanté, the Ivorian Tiken Jah Fakoli, the Malians Salif Keita and Amadou and Mariam, as well as some Congolese musicians, have come together to produce a song called “AFRICA STOP EBOLA” to educate people in Ebola prevention. Written both in French and in indigenous languages spoken widely in the affected regions in Africa including Malinke, Sousou, Bambara and Lingala. Messages from the song are very simple and resonate well even with the local contexts: “Trust doctors,” “do not touch sick or dead people” and “practice good and safe hygiene sanitation.”

Please download the song. It is an easy way to spread the message and take positive action, which can raise awareness about Ebola prevention all over the world and in the affected regions in particular.

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