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New Service Communication I-Kit Helps Motivate Health Service-Related Behavior Change

How can we get more clients to health services? What can we do to improve client-provider interactions? How can we increase the adoption and maintenance of healthy behaviors? These are questions we in the health service field grapple with on a regular basis.

New Provider Behavior Change I-Kit Focuses on Motivations, Attitudes and Norms

What do health workers need to do their jobs well? They need a supportive environment with resources necessary to carry out their responsibilities. They need to understand what is expected of them and what quality care looks like. They need skills, knowledge and confidence in what they are doing. And finally, they need to be […]

Why Integrate SBCC into Service Delivery? Discuss.

Several years ago, I found myself in a newly renovated adolescent-friendly clinic. The clinic was bustling with youth – youth who were reportedly very satisfied with their services. Service statistics told a similar story: condom sales had risen and pregnancy rates had declined. What accounted for this success? The incorporation of social and behavior change communication […]

Thinking Locally AND Globally: Health4Life in Nepal

We’ve all heard the old adage: “Think globally, act locally.” Well, sometimes we need to think locally and globally. The Health4Life (H4L) project in Nepal recognized this need—when SBCC strategies are developed nationally, local needs and resources tend to be obscured. In partnership with the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3), H4L set out to build […]

Innovations and New Approaches for SBCC Capacity Strengthening: Webinar Recap

What is capacity strengthening, and how do we build social and behavior change communication (SBCC) capacity at the organizational and individual levels? Three experts answered those questions and more during HC3’s “Innovations and New Approaches for SBCC Capacity Strengthening” webinar on May 28. Kim Ahanda, Senior Behavior Change Advisor at USAID, provided an overview of […]