HC3 Develops New Model for SBCC Capacity Strengthening

HC3 has drawn on the expertise and experience of the SBCC community to articulate an overarching model for SBCC capacity strengthening. This holistic model is meant to capture the complex nature of SBCC capacity strengthening operating at the system, organization and individual levels.  

We have incorporated feedback on initial drafts from our INGO partners and country based NGO partners and look forward to your continuing thoughts. Please let us know how you feel this reflects your work in SBCC capacity strengthening and we welcome examples from your work that illustrate the model’s applicability in specific contexts.  

We hope that this model – or ecosystem – will provide both a common framework as well as a common language for SBCC capacity strengthening that will both help us to be more effective in our community’s capacity strengthening activities as well as in our advocacy efforts for SBCC capacity strengthening.

View the interactive model below | Find out more | Download the document

SBCC Capacity EcosystemTM

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