HC3 Helps Liberian Ministry of Health Launch Healthy Life Brand Nationwide

liberia-launchThe Liberian Ministry of Health (MOH) launched its Healthy Life brand nationwide on June 10 to serve as an overarching symbol and unifying identity for Liberia’s revitalized health system. Designed to inspire trust in the system, the new brand identity will be seen on all MOH health promotion activities and programs.

Healthy Life is not new – it has served since 2010 as a symbol of MOH-sanctioned health promotion materials. During the Ebola crisis, however, the MOH recognized the power of a unifying symbol when credible, trusted health information is needed.

“When Ebola hit, no one knew where to turn to find information that was trustworthy,” said Director of the Ministry of Health’s National Health Promotion Division, Reverend John Sumo. “We were able to make good use of the Healthy Life logo for materials circulated among the healthcare community so people knew the MOH had supported and approved the content.”

Healthy Life will now be used across Liberia to link activities between health facilities and the community. For example, radio messages promote stronger partnerships between clinic staff and their clients, and a weekly radio program equips general Community Health Volunteers (gCHVs) with the information they need to engage communities, promote healthy behaviors, and increase use of health services. In addition to linking MOH health promotion activities, Healthy Life will be used to promote preventive and positive health practices within households.

logo“We all know how important it is to have a strong brand identity, like Coca-Cola® or Nike. When people see these well-established brand marks, they immediately trust the product or service,” said Marietta Yekee, Deputy Country Director, Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3). “With Healthy Life, we want the Liberian people to instantly trust whatever the activity or product is because the MOH has given its stamp of approval.”

The launch kicked off a series of county-based Healthy Life activities around the country. The theme of these initial activities will be compassion – because compassion is needed to have a strong partnership between the health care system and the communities and families it serves.

The Healthy Life brand also is designed to motivate service providers to provide excellent care to the communities they serve as well as to encourage communities to work with service providers to keep all Liberians healthy and happy.

The MOH received support from the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3), a global communication project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, in expanding the Healthy Life brand. HC3 is based at Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and includes Management Sciences for Health, Population Services International, Ogilvy PR, NetHope and Internews.

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