Need a Refresher on the Basics of SBCC?

If someone stopped you on the street…..and asked you for the basic theories of behavior change, could you answer?

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.14.14 AMWhether you are new to Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) or have been practicing for years, do you sometimes feel like you need to take a few minutes for a refresher on the basics?

You’re not alone – and think about it.  Any professional benefits from re-learning the basics, no matter what the area of expertise. “Continuing education” is great, but “refreshing the basics” is also critical.

A simple Google search turns up over 1.3 million courses titled “basics refresher.”

So if you – like so many others – would like an easy way to refresh your knowledge, the Health COMpass has created this page just for this purpose.

This one page “Refresher” lists the steps in the SBCC process and provides tools and project examples for each. It won’t take you long to look through the page, click to a resource, and spend some invaluable time re-learning.

The page is organized as follows, and offers altogether 36 resources and 24 project examples:

  • Foundations of SBCC
  • Inquire
  • Design the Strategy
  • Create and Test
  • Mobilize and Monitor
  • Evaluate and Evolve
  • Involve Stakeholders
  • Organizational Development
  • All-in-One Resources

We welcome your suggestions for this list, and ideas for its use – please add your materials by registering on The Heath COMpass and then completing the contribution form.

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