HC3’s Newest I-Kit Addresses Breastfeeding and Faith-Based Groups

Implementation-Kit-Supporting-Faith-Based-Organization-Led-Breastfeeding-InterventionsThe Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) has created an implementation kit (I-Kit) to support the faith-based community in its efforts to implement social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs related to breastfeeding.

The SBCC I-Kit to support Faith-Based Organization Breastfeeding Interventions  provides key principles and self-directed step-by-step exercises to build skills in reaching audiences with SBCC, but with an additional focus on using faith-based assets such as faith leaders, texts, and activities to promote and encourage positive behaviors.

Faith-based organizations play a critical role in health and development because religious values and practices are so often deeply entwined in the fabric of daily life. Leaders of churches, mosques, temples and other faith communities are powerful champions to help shape attitudes, opinions and behavior related to health. This I-Kit leverages their position in the community to promote breastfeeding for the health of mothers and infants.

HC3’s I-Kits are step-by-step online guides that help users develop SBCC strategies. In addition to the breastfeeding I-Kit, HC3 has created one designed to increase demand for nine priority underutilized life-saving commodities.


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