Health COMpass test in Guatamala

Guatemala Successfully Tests the Health COMpass Platform

Learning from successful programs, using evidence-based tools…
Evidence Review Impact of Health Communication on HIV Outcomes

What are the Best Ways to Measure Health Communication Outcomes?

Researchers and program planners alike often ask themselves:…

Health Communication is Key for Achieving an AIDS-Free Generation

The year actor Rock Hudson died from AIDS-related causes, global…
JAIDS health communication and HIV prevention

New JAIDS Supplement Highlights Health Communication’s Essential Role in HIV Prevention and Care

The Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS) released…
blended learning image

What is Blended Learning?

The following observations were gleaned from HC3’s recent expert…
Impact of Community Level Factors on HIV Outcomes

Impact of Community Level Factors on HIV Outcomes Webinar: Participant Questions Answered

HC3 recently hosted a highly engaging webinar, Impact of Community…
Chlorhexidine to Reduce Newborn Mortality

New 'Trending Topic' Collection in Health COMpass: Chlorhexidine to Reduce Newborn Mortality

A baby's first day of life should not be dangerous – but…
Uganda Springboard

Uganda Springboard Event Draws Country's SBCC Practitioners

The African Network for Strategic Communication in Health and…
femina hip

Femina Hip Uses HealthCOMpass to Develop Social Media Strategy to Reach Youth Throughout Tanzania

by Catherine Tusajigwe and Lynn O’Rourke Femina Hip is a multimedia…

What Does Evidence for mHealth Mean?

For the past decade, mobile health (mHealth) interventions…
blended learning consultation

Experts Convene on the Topic of Blended Learning for Social and Behavior Change Communication

On June 17, the HC3 project convened an expert panel on blended…