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Databases on the internet are…..everywhere. You can find lists and literature reviews, and of course millions of materials, no matter what you’re looking for, via Google. But how do you know what’s good? Having thousands of materials to look through is not really a great thing, when you think about it, if you don’t have any idea how useful they really are.

If you work in social and behavior change communication (SBCC), you are probably always seeking tools to help you do your work. There’s a lot out there, but not all of it is tested. And there’s so much to read – strategies, theories, frameworks, design documents, workshop curricula, evaluations, etc. etc.

Not only that, but once you are into your project work, you desperately need examples of what other groups have done – how did they address a particular issue? A particular audience?

Searching via Google is OK, but it is terribly hard to sift through what you find.

That’s where the Health COMpass comes in. We’ve developed what we call a “curated collection” meaning we have looked for materials developed via a strategic process, and tested in the field – with good results. So when you look for a tool in the Health COMpass, you can feel confident that you have found something that will be useful for you.

So give it a try and better yet – contribute your own carefully developed and tested materials to the database.

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