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Improving Attitudes toward Modern Contraceptives: Healthy Women of Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the world’s lowest fertility rates and one of the highest abortion rates. The cause of abortion is clear: the intersection of low desired fertility and the non-use, ineffective use, and inappropriate use of modern contraception. Myths and misinformation are major barriers to modern contraceptive use. “Hormone phobia” is particularly prevalent, with […]

Health COMpass Spotlights PASMO’s Work Promoting Guatemala’s Family Planning Law

An important national law introduced in Guatemala in 2005, Ley de Acceso Universal y Equitativo de Servicios de Planificación, allows each citizen the right to access and use family planning. A monumental step, to be sure, but for many political and social reasons that law did not pass for four years and only after many legal battles. […]

SMS Contraception Messages Reach Thousands of Mozambican Youth

With more than 45 percent of people under the age of 15, Mozambique has one of the youngest populations in the world. For two decades, Pathfinder International has focused on this critical group, supporting the government to implement its national youth sexual and reproductive health program, Geração Biz, and implementing the USAID-funded Extending Service Delivery-Family […]

Improving Babies’ Health via Exclusive Breastfeeding: Alive & Thrive’s Talking Babies Campaign in Vietnam

In Vietnam a 2009 study revealed that only 20% of mothers practiced the ideal nursing behavior of exclusive breastfeeding. Most women offered their babies water sometime during their first six months, thinking that the babies were “thirsty” or that they were not getting enough milk from breastfeeding alone. As a result, Alive & Thrive (A&T) […]

Tackling a Childbirth Injury with a Devastating Aftermath: Obstetric Fistula

In its newest Trending Topic the Health COMpass presents a selection of tools, training materials and client materials to help both service providers and patients understand and manage the after-effects of a devastating childbirth injury – obstetric fistula. Each year, more than a quarter million women die in pregnancy and childbirth. Of those that do […]