Who Will Shape the Future of SBCC? Will it Be You?

The International Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC)…

HC3 University Initiative Webinar "How to Get Published—A Conversation with Journal Editors"

During a university needs assessment in 2014, HC3 identified some of the greatest challenges universities in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia face, including limited access to current literature, limited opportunities for scholarly publication and limited opportunities to participate in local, regional and international scholarly networks.

How to Get Published – A Conversation with Journal Editors Webinar

On May 11, HC3 hosted a University Initiative webinar/roundtable…

Wondering How to Get Published? Join our Next Webinar, "A Conversation with Journal Editors”

During a university needs assessment in 2013, the Health Communication…

SBCC Student Field Experience Focuses on Community-level Development

As seen in the HC3 University assessment report, university faculty…

University Initiative Webinar - Models of University Engagement with Practice

University Initiative Webinar “Models of University Engagement…

Nov. 25 Webinar to Consider an SBCC Student’s Practicum Experience

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative will hold a webinar…
Youth leaders celebrate completing their first workshops at Red Cross in Nairobi, Kenya

Health Communication in the Curriculum webinar

On September 5, 2014 the first HC3 University Initiative Webinar was conducted on Health Communication Pedagogy.
HC3 Surveys 26 Asian and African University Faculty

University Initiative Needs Assessment

An important focus of the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative…